People first.


Buildings and their environment are an inseparable part of our lives. We live, work and spend our leisure time in built environment. Then there are people like us, who create the buildings – study, design, manage, supervise and inspect them. We at Vahanen do it well.

Our most important assets are the best people equipped with the highest know-how in the industry, solid expertise and broad-minded passion for solutions. For us, success in work means a delighted client and the joy for our people for what they have created.

We have decided to make our built environment even more viable. Yesterday’s good is no longer good enough. Together we have the wisdom, will and skills to pay the good forward. Refine it, so that it lasts also tomorrow. That is what we want to do.

Best regards,
People at Vahanen


Significant prefabricated residential building design project to Kazan


Part of Vahanen Group, the Moscow-based OOO Ficote Engineering has signed a contract with AK Bars Engineering from Kazan to design four prefabricated residential buildings which cover altogether over 50 000sqm to Kazan, Russia. The design work is conducted in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tallinn and significant parts of it also in Finland. The contract sums up to nearly two million euros thus making it one of the largest contracts in the history of Vahanen Group. It is an example of our Russian team’s persevering work with sales and customerships with our network partners.

Technically demanding car park Airutparkki to be built in Jätkäsaari 6/10/2014

The 4900 square meter car park Airutparkki will be built to the new residential area Jätkäsaari in southern Helsinki. Vahanen executes the structural and HVAC engineering of the project and Innovarch Architects is responsible for the principal and architectural design.

Clear strategy and new tools help to get real estate management under control 6/2/2014

Throughout their life cycle properties experience various, often significant changes due to different owners and end-users. The alterations made along with the changes in purpose of use of the properties can cause significant and long-term consequences. Mapping those consequences during the life-cycle is natural in the form of so called “weighted condition surveys”.

Mikko Lahikainen appointed EVP in charge of operative management at Innovarch Architects Ltd 4/8/2014

As Jaakko Hassi leaves his duties at Vahanen Group, Architect Mikko Lahikainen has been appointed Executive Vice President of Innovarch Architects on 1st of April 2014, taking charge of operative management of the company. Lahikainen also takes on the duties of the Business Area Director of Architecture at Vahanen Group.