People first.


Buildings and their environment are an inseparable part of our lives. We live, work and spend our leisure time in built environment. Then there are people like us, who create the buildings – study, design, manage, supervise and inspect them. We at Vahanen do it well.

Our most important assets are the best people equipped with the highest know-how in the industry, solid expertise and broad-minded passion for solutions. For us, success in work means a delighted client and the joy for our people for what they have created.

We have decided to make our built environment even more viable. Yesterday’s good is no longer good enough. Together we have the wisdom, will and skills to pay the good forward. Refine it, so that it lasts also tomorrow. That is what we want to do.

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People at Vahanen


Honourable mention in Hurraa! Awards for Viherlaakso temporary school


Viherlaakson koulu_pieni.jpg
City of Espoo’s Building Control Committee and Building Supervision Centre have given the Hurraa! Award for the first time. The award is City of Espoo’s way to acknowledge current, particularly successfully executed acts related to the built environment. The Viherlaakso temporary school, designed by Vahanen Group’s architecture company Innovarch, was awarded with an honourable mention.

Student houses in Turku’s Haliskylä to be transformed as modern and energy efficient 12/2/2014

The Student Village Foundation of Turku’s (TYS) student houses in Haliskylä region will undergo a complete renovation during 2014 – 2016. The renovation project covers 14 apartment buildings, originally built in 1988-1990, that are to be transformed energy efficient and their apartment layouts modernized from bedsits to nowadays more popular studio apartments. Vahanen Turku is responsible for the project’s structural and HVAC design and design supervision during the renovation.

Properties’ technical condition can be managed in a more cost-effective and targeted manner 11/19/2014

During the last two decades the so called “basic condition assessment” has been established as a general tool for assessing properties’ condition and needs for renovation. The strength and weakness of the basic condition assessment is its fixed framework, which on the other hand guarantees that all aspects are covered, but also includes sections that aren’t needed in all properties. Additionally, it includes long written documents that don’t necessarily serve allocated retrieval of information. What comes to property masses, it is no longer possible to manage their technical condition solely by using written documents.

Vahanen’s expertise exhibited at international forums 10/9/2014

During the past year Vahanen’s specialists from various disciplines have been strongly present at top-level international seminars. - This year we decided to test what kind of reception our expertise would have in researcher seminars outside of Finland’s borders, says Pekka Laamanen, Business Area Director from Vahanen Specialist Services. – In international forums attention was especially drawn to the presentation by Katariina Laine, where she discussed the Finnish groundbreaking work in airtightness improvements of structures and its quality assurance methods during indoor air renovation projects, Laamanen continues.