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Buildings and their environment are an inseparable part of our lives. We live, work and spend our leisure time in built environment. Then there are people like us, who create the buildings – study, design, manage, supervise and inspect them. We at Vahanen do it well.

Our most important assets are the best people equipped with the highest know-how in the industry, solid expertise and broad-minded passion for solutions. For us, success in work means a delighted client and the joy for our people for what they have created.

We have decided to make our built environment even more viable. Yesterday’s good is no longer good enough. Together we have the wisdom, will and skills to pay the good forward. Refine it, so that it lasts also tomorrow. That is what we want to do.

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People at Vahanen


Mikko Lahikainen appointed EVP in charge of operative management at Innovarch Architects Ltd


As Jaakko Hassi leaves his duties at Vahanen Group, Architect Mikko Lahikainen has been appointed Executive Vice President of Innovarch Architects on 1st of April 2014, taking charge of operative management of the company. Lahikainen also takes on the duties of the Business Area Director of Architecture at Vahanen Group.

Young generation of structural engineers at Vahanen guided by industry veterans 3/24/2014

Change of generation is ongoing at Vahanen’s structural engineering unit. Having spent decades in the industry, the senior engineering heavyweights are slowly getting ready to enjoy their well-deserved days of retirement while a new, younger generation of structural engineers is taking more and more responsibility over the designs. In order to preserve the extensive professional knowledge of Vahanen’s senior designers and link it to modern ways of working, a Senior Adviser model has been created where the junior designers are always supported by senior professionals in their projects.

Innovarch part of the application process for the design reservation of Leppävaara’s central area 3/24/2014

The City Board of Espoo decided on the application process for the design reservation of the northern Leppävaara area, the Leppävaara centre, on 23rd of September 2013. In the application process the City of Espoo sought for direction for the development of the area during the next decades. Vahanen Group’s Innovarch Architects participated to the area design with their own proposal.

Innovarch Architects as head designers for several significant shopping centre projects in Finland 12/18/2013

Shopping centres Ainoa in Espoo and Kaari in Helsinki, designed by Vahanen Group’s Innovarch Architects, were opened in the fall of 2013. Innovarch Architects’ other two significant projects, shopping centres Merituuli in Espoo and Goodman in Hämeenlinna held their roof-wetting ceremonies in November.

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