We recruit interns and dissertation students year-round

At Vahanen you can prove your abilities in challenging and diverse tasks. We offer you a creative work environment, nice workmates and opportunities for continuous learning. The company’s strategy includes recruiting interns and dissertation students each year. In summer 2011, Vahanen employed a total of 25 summer interns and dissertation workers. Many of them have continued working part-time while studying after the summer. In fact, most of our experts began their careers as interns or by making their dissertations as projects for Vahanen.

Vahanen cares for its interns because they are our future experts. Every internship is planned initially by a manager and the intern’s tutor. During the internship we conduct supervisory reviews, checking the intern’s objectives and performance, and giving feedback in both directions. The internship as a whole is reviewed collectively at the end. This guarantees the success of internships on both sides.

Theses and dissertations

Vahanen offers diverse and interesting opportunities for conducting theses and dissertations within the areas of construction and property management. We value the up-to-date theoretical information we receive from students. We help students in selecting a dissertation topic and in organising funding, and can offer a workspace for completing the project.


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